The Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology Diet addresses yeast overgrowth and intestinal balance.  It incorporates excellent principles of proper food combining, low acid forming foods, low/no sugars and starches, easily digestible foods, fermented foods, and other solid nutrition recommendations to clear up candida overgrowth in the body. 

When to use this diet:  The Body Ecology Diet goes a step further than anti-candida diets that simply restrict sugars, and fermented/moldy foods.  Many parents have seen great results with their children from this diet.  It is an excellent diet for candida overgrowth.

Pitfalls:  This diet recommends proper food combining.  If someone has very limited or no consumption of vegetables this diet can be difficult.  Additionally, while some kids will eat or warm up to cultured vegetables and kefir, it can be challenging to get some children to consume these fermented foods.  Finally, it combines many principles that can be confusing and require quite a bit of education at first.

Even if the Body Ecology Diet cannot be implemented 100%, any principles from the diet that can be applied often help digestion.

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