Endocrine Function

The endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, sex hormones, etc.) is complex and interconnected - each part affecting the others.  For example, stress and low functioning adrenals impact pancreas/blood sugar regulation, and blood sugar stress of the pancreas adds stress to the adrenals.  When one part is imbalanced, it often knocks another part out of balance.  The endocrine system is vital for maximum energy, stress management, and emotional health.

Endocrine function can be improved. By positively impacting one part of the system, you benefit the other areas.  Providing the organs with the nutrients they need to optimally function can have great influence on “sluggish” endocrine glands.  While this is true, there are of course times when medications are necessary, so it is always important to seek the guidance of a physician.  This is where naturopathic physicians can be very helpful – they can help you sort out when natural remedies are appropriate and when medications are necessary. Additionally, nutrition is one of the supportive “therapies” to enhance endocrine function.

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