Immune System

Your body’s natural immune system can be greatly supported and enhanced through good nutrition and supplementation. The consumption of sugar can have a detrimental effect on the immune system for many hours.  Proper diet and supplementation can positively affect immune function. Providing the body what it needs is your best bet to ward off illnesses.

In our culture, we believe the “enemy” is the germ.  However, there are germs around us all of the time.  It is our body’s immune strength that determines whether these germs “invade” us or not.

Autoimmune disorders (hyper immune function) occur when the immune system goes awry and attacks itself.  This requires significant intervention to remedy.  Often, food sensitivities can create a situation where the body confuses these (“sensitive”) food proteins (as invaders such as viruses) with organs or body parts. When this happens, the immune system begins to attack its own body.  Viruses and microorganisms can also create situations where the body can damage itself by trying to get rid of the invading organism.  When this happens, there is often a great deal of inflammation created.  Addressing this inflammatory response is another key piece of the complexity of autoimmune disorders.

Autoimmune disorders often run in families - both in families with other autoimmune conditions and (interestingly) autistic spectrum disorders. 

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