Healthy Babies

Breast Milk

A healthy child starts with a healthy baby, and a healthy baby starts with healthy breast milk.  While all breast milk is good breast milk, you can improve the quality of breast milk with good nutrition.  Mom’s proper nourishment can go a long way for both - as it gets baby off to the right start and helps mom recover quickly from her nutrient draining pregnancy.


If breast milk is not plentiful enough to provide 100% of the infant’s nutrition, formula is required.  This can be a stressful time for women that don’t believe that commercial formulas are good substitutes for breast milk.  No worry. Sally Fallon has excellent recipes for homemade formula and fortified commercial formula at the Weston A. Price Foundation website.

First Food Introductions

For first food introductions, anything you can mash with a fork is a good place to start: banana, avocado, cooked sweet potato, etc.  After that, people often want to add cereal grains.  I suggest proceeding cautiously here as oat is often added in the form of warm oatmeal cereal and biscuits.  Oat is a gluten grain and very difficult for many children to digest.  For those with family backgrounds of digestive and inflammatory conditions, it’s best to avoid gluten grains (wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, kamut) for a minimum of 1 year, or longer if possible.  For many, rice is a much better choice. Children with very sensitive digestive systems will want to avoid all grains until at least 1 year of age.


Be careful with sleepwear.  By law, sleepwear must be flame retardant.  The problem is that flame retardant clothing contains antimony, a toxic heavy metal, used in making such products.  Many parents chose a onesy or other (preferably organic cotton) “daywear” for sleeping to avoid exposure to antimony.


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