Healthy Kids

The principles of good nutrition are the same for children as they are for adults. While there are differences in their particular developmental or sustenance needs, good quality foods are required for all.

We need to give kids the benefit of the doubt.  Many parents feed children “kid’s food.”  This does not make sense to me.  Sure, they have palettes that prefer more bland food, and developmentally prefer foods that “don’t touch.”  But why do people assume they need hot dogs, “fruit chews,” and brightly colored cereals?

You can decrease the time it takes to make healthy food for your family if you just make one meal for everyone.  Focus on whole unprocessed foods.  When in question, think “How close can I get to real food from the farm?”

Kids learn to enjoy what they are exposed to.  As I child, I only got whole wheat bread and I preferred it.  In fact, I thought white bread had no flavor.   I ate sardines and crackers with my dad and grandpa, cooked spinach and broccoli, and anything you could think of by age 5.  I used to love ethnic food as a child.  My point here is that children will develop a palette based on what you feed them.  Start as early as possible exposing them to new flavors.  Bitter is a flavor we often don’t like as Americans.  Interestingly, bitter and sweet are opposite.  People hooked on sweets often hate bitter flavors, and if you expose children to bitter foods they often don’t have the same desire for sweet foods.

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