Other imbalances

Aggression and irritability

Inexplicable aggression and aggressive outbursts can stem from the foods we eat.  Food and chemical sensitivities and intolerances, allergies, artificial colors and flavors, and food additives can affect aggressive, self-injurious behavior, irritability, inconsolable crying, and more.  When behavioral therapies are ineffective, consider if the food your child is eating could be at cause. Further, nutrient deficiencies can exacerbate these symptoms. Proper supplementation can be very helpful.

Sensory integration

A sensory sensitivity can be; an over sensitivity to sound, light, or touch, a diminished sensation to pain, an aversion to certain textures, or any hyper or hypo sensitivity.  Sensitivity to sensations is difficult for the rest of us to understand, but if we try to understand a child’s actual experience, we may better comprehend their resulting behavior (and better be able to help).  Imagine if the tag on the back of your shirt were so excruciating that you could not concentrate, your attention span would be very short.  If the texture of mushy things was physically repulsive, you many not eat (let alone try) a large range of foods.

There are many causes of sensory sensitivity/integration issues. Sometimes they stem from trauma or toxins, inhibited biochemical pathways, or the food/chemicals we eat.  Sensory integration therapy such as auditory training, HANDLE, and others can be very effective, and often are necessary for a child to advance.  Nutrition and sensory integration therapy have great synergy. Therapy can help address textural issues and broaden nutrition choices, and diet and supplementation can be a very helpful as foods/nutrients have a profound impact on neurotransmitter balance.

Learning disorders

As food is the main source of fuel for our brains and we know that food additives and intolerances can cause attention and cognitive challenges, good nutrition (both adding nutritious foods as well as taking out toxic foods) is a key component to working with learning disorders.


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