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Bioenegy Balancing and Reiki

Julie is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and Reiki practitioner.  She uses these two energy practices to assist clients interested in this form of healing.  For those who have heard of Bioset, NAET, reiki, and acupuncture, Bioenergy Balancing uses similar concepts to all of these disciplines.

Bioenergy balancing is a type of energy work that addresses trauma and emotions stored at the cellular level. This energy can become stuck in a meridian and affect the flow of chi, ultimately unbalancing biochemistry. We use a combination of muscle testing to dialog with the body, and energy work to clear the emotional trauma and help to restore balance. Muscle testing can also assist in identifying which nutrients/supplements the body “prefers.” The theory behind this work is that if a traumatic event happens and it is associated with a food, animal, person, etc. it can cause an allergy to that substance or affect biochemistry in some other way. It can be very effective in helping clear food sensitivities so that a person is able to avoid a negative reaction to that food.  Additionally, by asking the body what nutrients it requires and “prefers,” it can be very effective to pinpoint which supplements are the best fit for an individual. 

What is Bioenergy Balancing?

Bioenergy Balancing is a type of energy work that was created by Priscilla Kapel who drew upon multiple energetic/healing modalities to create Bioenergy Balancing. Bioenergy balancing is a practice that combines knowledge of biochemistry and energy work. It is a bridge that brings the people and ideas of two very different worlds together.  It adds credibility to the “woo woo” energy work of the past, while adding another dimension to the “fixed” world of biochemistry.  By combining subtle energy with the concrete science of biochemistry, it combines eastern and western approaches to help us understand the inner workings of the system from a new light, and allows us new tools that the concrete science of the past has not allowed us access. 

How does it work?

We tap into the body consciousness, as it knows everything that has happened to you and how to balance it.  We do this through questioning and muscle testing.  There is scientific study on the validity of muscle testing and the book “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins does an excellent job explaining this.  We ask the body what is going on biochemically and what emotionally and/or energetically is interfering with this chemical balance. Be aware, we never diagnose a disease or prescribe a treatment.  As I have mentioned before, only physicians and licensed healthcare practitioners can do this.  We are simply asking the body consciousness what it perceives energetically.

There are many advantages to Bioenergy Balancing. Most western forms of conventional medicine work only with the physical body, often ignoring the emotional and energetic aspects to illness and healing.  Other forms of energy work do not address the biochemical (physical) aspects of the body.

BioenergyBalancing provides a clear blueprint for impacting a person’s biochemistry, by targeting the best nutrients for the individual as well as identifying which physiological system to address first.  While there may be many substances that are often used in conventional science for a particular condition, it often takes a bit of guesswork and trial and error to determine the best one for a particular individual or frequently the “shotgun” method is used – supplement everything “most people” are low in with this condition.  Through muscle testing and ‘dialoguing’ with the body, Bioenergy Balancing can tell us which systems to support, what particular supplements are helpful, and in what manner.

Bioenergy Balancing can actually reduce or eliminate food sensitivities.  Food and chemical sensitivities are very common. In conventional healing modalities the solution is to avoid those substances.  While this works, it may not make the best solution as it means permanent or long term avoidance of the food.  In Bioenergy Balancing, we see allergies as originating from an emotional disconnection because of a traumatic event (and intestinal imbalance). By tracking and clearing the stuck emotions surrounding that event, and providing the body with the appropriate interim supplementation, we are often able to clear allergies so that the foods no longer have to be avoided. Bioset and NAET address this similarly, just with a computer.

Using Bioenergy Balancing we can inquire about physiological processes from the macroscopic to the microscopic level.  Again, this is the body’s interpretation and provides us a level of insight not available otherwise. However, it should not be used to diagnose or taken as fact.  Events manifest energetically before physically, there is human error and other factors, so this information as a fascinating and helpful guide but NOT DIAGNOSTIC.

For example, the body can tell us:

  • The levels of neurotransmitters present and active in the brain for specific functions, and why there may be any abnormalities
  • Whether the molecular structures of the body’s chemicals are being made CORRECTLY, and how to fix ones that are not
  • What is happening WITHIN a cell
  • Whether the body is able to UTILIZE certain substances (for example, someone may show adequate levels of B6 on a lab test, but may not be able to convert it to the usable form in the body)
  • Whether toxins like mercury, MSG, and fluoride are IN the brain or interfering with any biochemical processes and what substances would be best for that particular body to detoxify them
  • Whether an energetic or emotion block is contributing to someone’s food sensitivity


Since this may sound esoteric, let me provide a couple examples of things that Bioenergy Balancing practitioners have found to influence biochemistry.

  • Food sensitivities
    • One client of ours was very sensitive to oranges, which developed as an adult. We discovered that pain event happened in her home she was living in that had orange trees.  Once we cleared the trauma on an energetic level, she is not sensitive to oranges anymore. 
    • Frequently mother is associated with milk, father (or a male authority figure) with wheat (the symbol of money, the bread winner), and gluten with prenatal trauma.  Of course there is never any blame put on parents or the individual.  It is just an emotional association the individual made unconsciously.  
    • The easiest example to understand how the body protects itself through these emotional associates is a cat allergy.  While it is not a food, the same thing applies to foods (maybe Grandpa who loved corn died suddenly).  One of our clients had a cat as a child.  As a very young child, the cat got in the drier and died.  She was so devastated that in order to prevent that pain ever again, her body created a physical protection by not allowing her to get close to a cat again (the allergic reaction).

  • Faulty Sulfation:  With one boy we asked about the sulfation cascade.  We asked about whether the metabolites could be converted down the methionine cascasde. The body said that it could not recycle homocysteine to methionine.  Upon further questioning we uncovered that folic acid could not be converted to tetrahydrofolate.  As folic acid needs to be converted at that step of the methionine cascade, the cascade was sluggish from that point on.   In the past we found a connection that folic acid is often blocked by anger with authority figures (why I don’t know) and found it to be true for this child.  For example: since anger is frequently stored in the liver meridian, a child that was put up for adoption, but not adopted for a couple years does not have the capacity as an 18-month-old child to process this anger.  Maybe it’s anger at the orphanage (authority figure) that gets stored in the liver meridian creating a block in folic conversation. Using energy work to clear this meridian, the folate cascade begins to work better.

We use common sense, harmless energy work, and basic supplementation to assist the body.  For clients with ASDs, many positive healing benefits are possible as these children are very sensitive and responsive to energy work. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the biochemical imbalances present in ASDs with a highly specific, targeted approach to energy healing and emotional resolution, we bridge the gap between the physical, energetic, and emotional causes for illness. Nutrition and Bioenergy Balancing can support the client with a reduction/elimination of food and chemical sensitivities, neurotransmitter and chemistry balance, detoxification support, and more customized supplementation.

Bioenergy sessions are conducted with two practitioners: Julie Matthews and Amy Mears.  For more on Amy see our practitioners section

See client comments for more experiences with Bioenergy Balancing.

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