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Far Infrared Sauna/Detoxification

A key component of healthful living is detoxification.  Our environment is loaded with toxins: mercury, aluminum, plastics, pesticides, PCBs, environmental toxins, etc.  While the body has an amazing ability to detoxify, the number and amount of toxins in our environment today is staggering and unprecedented.  At Healthful Living, we teach clients how to reduce exposure to toxins that they have control over: amalgam fillings, aluminum deodorant, plastics used with food preparation and storage, the water we drink, and many others.  However, there is much that we have little control over such as the air we breathe and past toxic exposures.  Many of these toxins are nerve and brain toxins, interrupt metabolic pathways, and lead to sluggish energy and more serious ill health. Therefore, to restore balance to the body and pursue more optimal health, detoxification is essential.

At Healthful Living, we offer far infrared sauna detoxification services as well as additional components such as dietary and nutritional support and “mind/body detox.”  Just as we should be careful about the substances our body comes in contact with, so we should stand guard at the doorpost of our minds, as our thoughts are powerful influencers of our body’s internal processes. When properly guided, the mind can help promote a more thorough physical detoxification.  The services offered by Julie and Martin aid in full mind/body detoxification.

The Mind and Body Detox Program includes

  • 2, 1-hour nutrition consultations
  • Hypnotherapy Mind/Body Detox CD
  • Far infrared sauna use (3 times/week for one month)
  • Hair analysis
  • Environmental toxin testing (optional for fee)

In addition to Mind/Body Detox program, individual nutrition consultations/cleansing diets and sauna packages are also available.

For more information on far infrared saunas for detoxification see:

Additionally, there is a wonderful resource listing scientific studies done on far infrared saunas and sweating for detoxification and health at:

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