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AAPH Code of Ethics and Professional Standards apply to practicing hypnotherapists and other multidisciplinary group professionals. All members must adhere to the Code and Standards established.

AAPH members are dedicated to the enhancement, dignity and potential of hypnotherapy and the uniqueness of each individual, thus striving for continual professional advancement in the field.

AAPH members pledge:

1. Either claims nor implies professional qualifications exceeding those possessed by them and is responsible for correcting any misrepresentations.

2. Confidentiality between hypnotherapist and client is maintained, unless unlawful issues dictates otherwise.

3. The hypnotherpist is aware of the intimacy of the client relationship and maintains respect of the client and avoids engaging in activities, which activities may include, but are not limited to, those of a sexual nature, that seek to meet the hypnotherapist's personal needs at the expense of that client.

4. In some cases, if an individual is already in a counseling relationship with another professional, the hypnotherapist does not enter into a counseling relationship without first contacting and receiving approval of that other professional.

5. When the client's condition indicates that there is a clear and imminent danger to the client or others, the hypnotherapist must take reasonable personal action or inform responsible authorities. Consultation with other professionals must be used when possible.

6. The hypnotherapist must inform the client of the purposes, goals, techniques, rules of procedure and limitations that may affect the relationship at or before the time that the hypnotherapy relationship is begun.

7. If the hypnotherapist determines an inability to be of professional assistance to the client, the hypnotherapist must either avoid initiating the counseling relationship or immediately terminate the relationship.

8. The hypnotherapy counseling relationship must be one in which client adaptability and growth toward self-direction are encouraged and cultivated. The hypnotherapist must maintain this role consistently and not become a decision maker for the client or create a dependency.

9. The hypnotherapist describes all fees, sliding scale, or pro-bono schedule to all clients.



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