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Energetic Healing & DNA Activation

Eliminating Interference Patterns

EIP is a profound regenerating and restorative process - created to expand healing within self and others.  Our belief systems were created and held in place by the third dimensional energy of the Matrix. They are low vibrational belief system feelings that tell us we are not good enough or that something is wrong with us, and if we do not conform to the belief systems of the Matrix we will be abandoned. The EIP technique shows you how the vibration from the belief is moved out of 3rd dimensional energy into 4th dimensional energy for neutralization, and into 5th dimensional energy for healing.

All healing is done through the power of love. The EIP technique shows you how to move your energy into the healing state where transforma­tion can take place. Learn how to heal with the power of love, feelings, visualiza­tion and intention.

Outcomes of EIP:

  • Connect once again with your senses and intuition.
  • Trapped energy held in your organs, glands and chakras is released with the EIP technique and your cells are taken back to their original energetic blueprint.
  • The negative energy that has been released is then replaced with the original energy of a cell, the energy of Love.
  • Process is anchored into place through a manifestation technique that creates a reality based on expansion and health.
  • Release patterns that have been created through past life experiences, karma, trauma, birth traumas, difficult relationships, and phobias.

DNA Activation

Here’s a terrific overview to DNA Activation, Margaret Ruby’s work of Possibilities DNA ( by Diana Gazes

DNA Activation: Returning to the Blueprint of Perfection

(Published in Harmony Bridge Magazine)

Most people currently live in bodies with two active strands of DNA, with the remaining strands in an inactive or latent state. This article will share with you leading-edge information on the importance of having all of our strands of DNA fully activated, and how this now can be done. DNA Activation can help you to transform and move gracefully through the acceleration now occurring on planet Earth.

Many spiritual teachings have stated that the original blueprint for the human species contained twelve active coiled strands, or six double helixes.  The majority of DNA strands were disassembled in early human history and left within the human cells in a latent state.  These latent strands are what science terms “junk DNA.”  Mankind’s consciousness was thus changed, limiting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The time has now arrived for our full potential to be reactivated and expanded to full perfection.

The vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing. Everyone is in the process of transformation, and all conscious life forms are having to adjust to a new environment, whether they realize it or not.  You, the reader, recognize this, as does the spiritual hierarchy.  DNA Activation is one of the emerging technologies that have come through conscious cooperation with the higher realms, as a “Gift of Grace” to assist us in this next evolutionary step.  It is a joint venture with spirit in transforming matter into its original divine design.

This teaching has been available on Earth for only the last 13 years. It originally came through a Naturopathic Doctor who was diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic with terminal leukemia, and given only a few weeks to live.  While in meditation, she had a vision from the God Source Energy with the message “you can heal yourself and this is how”. She was shown the blueprint of her DNA and told how to activate 12 strands. Within 24 hours she was healed, and guided to teach others. 

The original teachings worked with activating 12 strands of DNA.  This technique works directly with the DNA within the master cell of the pineal gland.  Through direct guidance and experience it was revealed that  many more than 12 strands of DNA can now be activated.  Activating DNA strands assists in anchoring the new light codes or higher energies that are pouring into the planet to facilitate individual and planetary evolutionary shifts.

A component of the DNA session is activation of the Youth and Vitality Chromosome, which supports rejuvenation and reversal of the aging process.  It appears that each of the strands carry great light, as well as different gifts and abilities.  Scientists are now exploring the importance of the end caps of each DNA strand, called telomere, that may function as a biological clock. When these end caps are chipped, aging occurs.  Repair of these end caps in a DNA session could possibly extend the human life span.

After a DNA activation session, cells begin to replicate a more perfect cell, rather than a degenerative cell.  People are experiencing such effects as higher energy, renewed youthfulness, depression lifting, improved eyesight, deeper meditations, heightened perception and intuition, being more effective in work and greatly improved health. One woman has been symptom free of lupus for the last 3 years.  After my own first session, I felt more congruent and integrated, like I had “come home” to me and was more fully present in my body and my life.  My mind felt sharper and clearer, as if a mental fog had dissolved.

Working with DNA Activation

When I give DNA Activation sessions, I work with energetic forces that are beyond concrete comprehension.  The success of DNA Activation work, and all healing modalities relies on our ability to step out of our “normal” paradigms and open up to possibility. When people learn to open up to the power and magic of working with their own team of spiritual guides, whatever they are for them – a much deeper level of clearing happens when their self-love opens up. They become a clear channel for the healing energies of love. Without love there is no healing.  DNA Activation is complimentary to all forms of vibrational and holistic healing practices.  The key, however, to this and all healing modalities is how open one can be to their higher self/source energy.

At Healthful Living, I (Martin) am an energetic practitioner of the work of Possibilities DNA. I work with DNA Activation and the related energetic healing modalities of Eliminating Interference Patterns and Holographic Healing. For me personally, DNA Activation has truly affected my life, and particularly my physical make-up.

DNA Activation has helped me to open up communication channels throughout by entire body, such that what my mind decides and intends to create physically, can better be conveyed and comprehended by the intelligence that lays within every cell of my body. I FEEL that there is more going on inside me, deep inside me, than every before. Since experiencing this process, I feel more connected to universal energy, more grounded both with myself and others, as more of me is “alive.” I’ve forever had blockages that impeded my truly being able to work and develop my entire body – but once I had all 12 strands of my energetic DNA re-engaged, it was as if my body finally “got” what I was intending for it. It fully BELIEVE now, in every cell, that I can have the optimal physical condition my soul desires for the healthiest journey though life. 

Read Dynamics of Healing, by Margaret Ruby
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