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Martin's Hypnotherapy Services/Sessions

I employ multiple modalities in my overall support and work with clients.  Of these, hypnotherapy is a preferred favorite, as it fosters positive change in an effective and expedient manner.  I often use hypnotherapy for the following ways:

  • Health/wellness support from quitting smoking, losing weight, to pain management
  • Stress reduction
  • Clearing beliefs and past emotional trauma that create self-sabotage
  • Engaging the mind to help heal the body

Feedback from clients is that hypnotherapy is relaxing, enjoyable and something they look forward to.  Clients often say it feels like a wonderful guided meditation where they know everything going.  They leave the session feeling a deep sense of relaxation and calm, and feeling energized for the day/future.

Further, my hypnotherapy practice is bolstered by my experience and certification in Neurolinguistic Programming and years of personal and leadership development training with Anthony Robbins (though I have no direct connectivity with Robbins Research International). I bring concrete everyday tools and exercises that you can do consciously that compliment and solidify the gently subconscious shifts that encourage through our work together.

Sessions are typically 1 hour.  Hypnotherapy services can take one session to several depending on the nature of the circumstance that a client wishes to address.

Here are more details of what do expect in a hypnotherapy session with Martin:

  1. At your initial session, we'll sit down, get acquainted, and address the questions you have about hypnotherapy, etc. We’ll discuss your particular matter - what's going on with you that you've identified and want to shift in some way. It might be that you want to quit a habit, or affect the pattern of eating too many sweets during the week, or identify the origin of the migraine headaches that occur every time you have a big presentation coming up. Whatever it is for you, we'll get clear on it.
  2. Together, we will define your goals or challenges and recommended courses of action that will most rapidly help you achieve your desired outcomes.
  3. When you're ready - fully comfortable with our discussion about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and understand our objectives together - the actual hypnosis session will begin.

    It works like this… First, you’ll get real comfortable in a cozy chair or couch. Then, then may close your eyes and begin to relax. I’ll guide you through full body relaxation – but you will be extremely alert mentally. You will be aware of everything around you. In a relaxed trance state, your subconscious mind becomes active. At this time, I’ll provide positive suggestions and visualizations – based specifically on the very things you wish to modify, the very things we earlier discussed and created a “game plan” to address. Things such as “you are very energetic, exercise is fulfilling and fun for you,” or “you relax and sleep deeply at night, you leave stresses at the office.” You may be passively (though actively) listening and following my words, or perhaps engaging in back and forth dialogue with me while your in a relaxed trance state.
  4. After a short while, I’ll talk you back up to full consciousness and you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated.

    It’s important to remember that I am simply a facilitator of this process. You can never be made to do anything that opposes your moral or ethical code. There is no danger of becoming stuck in a hypnotic state - you have the power to come out of a trance at any time.
  5. The experience of the session rapidly integrates into your cognitive make up and belief systems. Through your own natural and unforced efforts you begin to change and re-pattern your behavior. You will have “shifted” as you wish, a component of your personal computer and your operating system will behave differently. The old programming, which was keeping you from achieving your goal or was causing a problem, will be supplanted, allowing you to accomplish goals and eliminate problems. You will emerge from hypnosis with strong suggestions of good health, a positive self-concept, and an expanded perception of what is possible for yourself. You will feel better than you have for a long, long time.
  6. Your session will conclude with a brief discussion of your experience, to further "cement" the suggestions and make sure your desired change is internalized. Often, you will leave with further behavior changing “homework” to do between sessions. NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique) approaches are commonly employed.
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