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Hypnotherapy Weight Control

Take it off. Put it on. You know what it's like to be a human yo-yo. One attempt fails. You try another. You starved on diets. Attended support groups. You even bought tapes, books, videos and a room full of exercise equipment. Regardless of all the time, money, pain and misery ...YOU'RE STILL OVERWEIGHT.

Being overweight hurts, emotionally and physically. It can make your life miserable. We know this is true. We help people shed the stigma, danger, and suffering of being overweight. It's our job. It's what we do.

Healthful Living combines advanced dietary comprehension (provided by Julie) with the techniques of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. You become self-reliant, disciplined, stay motivated and in control. You lose weight quickly, safely and sensibly.

Each individual is different. However as a general rule, and providing you're motivated to be hypnotized, you can easily and consistently lose your excess weight and maintain your proper weight once you reach it. We use no diets, because diets afford only temporary change. We use the state of the art techniques and technologies to make the change. The most fundamental way to make permanent long-term change involves changing beliefs. When the inner mind of an individual changes, the rest of the body follows.

This may sound simple to you, perhaps because inside you know it to be true. When you set your mind to something, you will achieve it. By working together, we can remove the internal blockages that inhibit your engaging your innate inner ability to shift anything you choose.

Dr. Phil fan?

In his new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution: 7 Keys To Weight Loss Freedom, Dr. Phil addresses the behavioral modifications necessary to achieving successful, long term weight loss:
  1. The Right Thinking: Unlock the Door to Self-Control
  2. The Healing Feelings: Unlock the Door to Emotional Control
  3. Create a No-Fail Environment: Unlock the Door to External Control
  4. Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating: Unlock the Door to Habit Control
  5. Eat High-Response, High Nutrition Foods: Unlock the Door to Food Control
  6. Intentional Exercise: Unlock the Door To Body Control
  7. Circle of Support: Unlock the Door to Social Control

While we have no direct affiliation with him or his book, we do have particular familiarity with the information, tools, and techniques he outlines.

The book has proven to be an excellent catalyst for change for thousands of people struggling with excess weight. Many people however, despite being motivated to affect dramatic change in their lives, remain blocked at the same "hump" that has kept them back all along. This is where personal attention is extremely facilitative - to help one get beyond those internal blockages, and particularly where hypnosis and direct coaching can be essential.

Breaking long practiced habitualized internal thought patterns, and external behavioral patterns can be quite challenging - though are required for any sustained weight loss. Hypnosis is well documented as the most effective means of affecting behavior change and thus an ideal means to augment one's personal health gain.

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