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Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

You can make this recipe egg-free by following instructions in the recipe
This can be rice free by using a non-rice flour like wild rice (not the rice family), quinoa flour, etc.
This recipe can be SCD by using nut flour instead of a grain flour

2 cups chicken (most use boneless, skinless, but you can use dark meat or turkey as well)
1 Egg, beaten (If egg intolerant use melted ghee or CF milk)
2 cups GF flour or other breading* (rice flour or other GF flour)
Season as desired (salt, pepper, garlic or onion powder)
Coconut oil for frying (Coconut oil is great for frying; however, for those sensitive to coconut, any oil will do)

Slice chicken into bite-size piece (slicing them thin enough)
Dip in egg or ghee or milk
Dredge with flour or breading mix

Fry  in 1/2 inch of hot until brown on all sides.  Place on paper towel (non-chlorine bleached) to drain excess oil.

* For a crunchier breading, blend GF crackers or cereal in food processor or blender.

Dietary Compliance

  • Corn-free
  • Egg-free
  • Feingold Diet/Low Phenol
  • GFCF (Gluten-free/casein-free)
  • Low/Lower-sugar
  • or cane sugar-free
  • Rice-free
  • SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet)
  • Soy-free

Meal Category

  • Main Dishes
  • Snacks

Contributed By Julie Matthews, Healthful Living

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