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Lamb Stew - in a slower cooker

1 Lamb shank 4 large potatoes (or as many as you like) 4 carrots 2 stalks celery Any other vegetables (turnips, butternut squash, cauliflower, etc) 1 cup beef or chicken stock Enough water to cover the bottom a few inches (about 3-4 cups) Turn crock pot (slow cooker) on high until hot and simmering (may take a couple hours), then turn to low. If you don't have time to wait, just cook on low. Cook for 6-8 hours. Top with a bit of creme fraiche to serve.

Dietary Compliance

  • Corn-free
  • Egg-free
  • GFCF (Gluten-free/casein-free)
  • Rice-free
  • Soy-free
  • Traditional Diets/Weston A. Price

Meal Category

  • Main Dishes

Contributed By Healthful Living

Julie Matthews, Healthful Living creation

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